Are you struggling to keep up or break through because of poor attention skills, overwhelm and low mental stamina?

Is poor focus the weak link that is costing you time and money?

The Focus Blueprint is a simple yet sophisticated training program that will help you develop steady, effortless focus quickly.

Concentration is THE core ability…and we were never taught it.

Learning how to manage your attention should be the very core of any educational program: if you can’t direct your focus, your performance suffers across the board, because you can’t use your mind deliberately.

Conversely, improving your ability to concentrate will improve your results in any activity, from the most abstract, intellectual endeavor to the most hands-on arts and crafts. Strong, lasting concentration is a near-universal enhancer.

And yet, attention skills are always assumed: they may criticize or punish you because you lack them, but nobody ever teaches you how to develop them. They just expect you to learn by failing repeatedly at whatever it is you need concentration for. 

Consequently, poor concentration is still the weak link in many a chain.

What difference does it make? Well...

Weak concentration

  • You waste lots of time
  • Your action is weaker, ineffective
  • You stress out struggling to concentrate
  • You tire quickly
  • You make more mistakes
  • You feel numb, dull and "disconnected"

Strong concentration

  • You work more efficiently
  • Your action expresses your true power
  • You are more relaxed and don't accumulate harmful tensions
  • You can work for long hours on difficult projects without getting tired
  • You feel whole, unified and "connected"

The two go-to answers that will NOT solve your problem

1) ​​​​Productivity "systems", techniques, and apps

A productivity system is essentially a map to a destination. It’s an external device meant to channel your mental processes into a (theoretically) efficient path to a goal.

But what good is a map if you can’t drive? 

No matter how sound and practical a system seems on paper, it ultimately relies on your mind’s ability to follow it. If you’re unable to put your mind where the system says it should be, the system inevitably fails. 

The reason there are hundreds of these systems, techniques and apps is that they are easy to sell. They are easy to sell because they are easy to buy. And they are easy to buy because you want to believe that fixing the problem could be as easy as asking for directions, whereas in reality, it’s more like learning to drive. 

Unless your focus is strong already, productivity systems and the like are a waste of time and money. Developing your core inner resources is a far better investment, as they will serve you well in any situation, and not just the limited scenarios a rigid “system” applies to. 

2) Meditation

Meditation is popular for good reason. It is a practice with many benefits.

However, its original goals are spiritual, rather than mundane. It was developed by and for serious spiritual seekers willing to dedicate their life to the practice, not for common people aiming to improve their performance in everyday life and work.

Sigh. I just wanted to learn to focus better.
Half an hour of this every day seems a bit much...

It’s therefore not surprising that it proves inefficient for that purpose.

Have you ever met a person that religiously practiced meditation for years, half an hour or more every day, and still got tired quickly when doing intellectual work, or got anxious and confused under pressure? Most meditators are like that in my experience.

If your goal is improving your focus in order to perform better, spending hours every week in the meditation corner is just not a good use of your time.

Enter a REAL solution

The Focus Blueprint is a practical concentration training program for busy people. The exercises are simple and short, the goals are always clear, and the results are palpable.

10 minutes a day plus regular use of your growing abilities is all you need to develop effortless, steady and yet dynamic focus.

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A highly practical, time-effective program

Detailed training instructions.
Clear practical goals.

“Try to concentrate!” was never very helpful, was it? This program will give you detailed instructions on how to perform the subtle mental acts that create the “mood” we call concentration. You will practice them in a crystal clear step-by-step progression, no guesswork involved, until you can call up your focused state just by thinking of it.

Thorough AND fast.

Training the same ability from the same angle all the time leads to rigidity and stagnation. In this program, we avoid stagnation and accelerate learning by cycling through the same three exercises, raising the bar a little with every new “wave” of training.
This results in a helix growth pattern, where you pass through the same phase cyclically, improving your skill a little more every time. A thorough AND fast strategy to train the mind.

Time-effective, integrates perfectly with your life and work

Your performance will start improving right from the beginning.

While the main goal of the program is developing your concentration powers over time, the daily practice also has an immediate calming, balancing, energizing effect that will last the whole day. Not only will the practice not deplete your energy and willpower; if done correctly, it will be calming and yet invigorating.

You can always have your questions answered

Need something clarified during the course? Just ask your question directly on the current lesson page.

I will answer you personally and, if I deem the question of general interest, I will add the question to the appropriate section on the page. This way, the course grows more and more complete with the students' contributions.

Watch the first two lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: The 3 problems...and the solutions

Or get on the blue list and get it for FREE (this offer expires soon)

What you will learn in the course:

  • How to forget distractions deliberately and relax while you work
  • How to reduce the perceived load of your tasks and prevent stress build-up
  • How to increase your mental stamina in any activity
  • How to condition your unconscious attention management process to sustain attention for longer and longer periods automatically
  • How to stay calm and sharp when you have to deal with multiple intermittent tasks
  • 10 ways to accelerate your progress
  • How to make effortless focus a habit
  • 3 practical tricks to enhance your concentration instantly
  • And much more.

The course materials

  • 12 video lessons
  • Written notes for every lesson for a quick review
  • Downloadable lesson slides
  • A detailed 37 page pdf manual (both for e-readers and in print-friendly version)
  • A condensed manual with the key points and the training progression
  • Quick, precise answers to your questions

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I do my very best to deliver practical, useful content, but the truth is, nothing works great for everyone. If you find these materials don't resonate with you, or don't really give you the results you hoped for, just drop me a line. 

I will refund you 100%, and the only question I'll ask will be "what could I have done better in your opinion".

Lorenzo Durand

I was obsessed with augmenting my mental powers and unlocking true human potential from a very early age, so I spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with all kinds of systems.
As an adult, I was always self-employed, which gave me plenty of additional motivation and opportunity to develop crucial skills such as stress prevention and tolerance, self-discipline, efficiency, strategic planning, creative problem solving, communication and much more.

My varied career has led me to coach hundreds of people from all walks of life in the subtleties of physical and mental control, perception, and development.

My website and courses on how to overcome hoarding behavior and use decluttering practice as a springboard to unlock key psychological abilities has helped thousands of people in my native country of Italy, where I was featured in magazines and books in the holistic healing field.

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