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Concentration basics #6: Series summary and wave training

A summary of all the concentration principles and techniques seen thus far, and how to combine them for an efficient and effective training regimen.

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Concentration basics #5: Target switching for focus agility

If you want your stronger focus to serve you in real-life situations, you need to learn to move freely between changing targets as needed – as opposed to “locking in” your attention to a single unchanging target.

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Concentration basics #4: The biggest mistake

Perhaps more than anything else, what you do when you “awaken” from a distraction spell decides whether your progress will be fast, smooth and rewarding, or slow, inconsistent and frustrating.

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Concentration basics #3: Intent planting

Once you’ve learned how to generate a state of effortless concentration, it’s time to learn how to sustain it. Methodical intent planting is the fast way to long-lasting focus.

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Concentration basics #2: Micro-tasking

“Focus on the process, not the end result!” Ok, but HOW exactly do you do it? Micro-tasking gives you a simple way to be more present to your tasks, thoughts and actions, it lowers your stress levels and increases your resilience.

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Concentration basics #1: Learning to centralize

Concentration is the art of deliberate oblivion: its essence is letting go of everything except your current target.

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