The Blue List

This is where I talk to the people that take strongminding to heart.
The scholar-athletes. The philosopher-warriors. The ​cortex legionnaires?
​You get it. If you're a fan, you belong on it.

​If you subscribe to StrongMinder, you can be on a white list, or you can be on the blue list.

The white ones are for people who ​choose to opt-in while they download ​a freebie that got their attention. They get the updates for new videos, blog posts and such. The usual stuff you do to keep people aware and interested online.

The blue ​list is for people that have more than a passing interest in the project and want to be part of it on a deeper level. The true fans. The inner circle.

​​Things I share ​with the blue list (but not the white ones):

  • ​my research and creative process
  • ​previews and behind the scenes looks
  • ​important questions and surveys about StrongMinder and the future of the project
  • ​special recommendations of things I've tried
  • ​thread of thoughts I deem too personal or experimental for the public blog, but still want to present to my core audience
  • ​occasionally, my opinions on subjects other than strongminding
  • for the time being, as I'm still launching the site, subscribers also get FREE access to my concentration course The Focus Blueprint

You belong on this list if:

  • ​strength and self-mastery are core values; you're the kind of person who feels the need to grow stronger and better; you long for excellence and the heights of life, thought and civilization
  • you are bothered by the prevalent pleasure-first, comfort-above-all, everybody-gets-a-medal mentality
  • ​you think strongminding is both cool, necessary, and likely to spread; in fact, you are likely to help spread it
  • ​you hate the education system as it is today, because it warps and numbs our mind instead of empowering it
  • ​you want to take a look behind the scenes of my videos, my research and creative process
  • you want a chance to give me your opinion when I send out a survey about, for example, which subjects I should tackle next, which books I should test and review, or which courses I should publish first
  • you want to be the first to know when I'm about to publish something new (and buy it at the lowest price if it's a paid product)
  • you don't trust the big platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media and want to make sure you stay in contact with me no matter what